BRABION - the founder of floristry in Armenia. We have been delivering flowers throughout Armenia since 1992.

About Us

Probably there is no woman who would not be happy to get flowers as a gift. And what can tell flowers that are gifted to you?

For example, gerbera is a symbol of sympathy and the best flower to donate to colleagues, familiars and friends. The orchid is dedicated to beloved women as they are a symbol of delicacy, custody, and so on.

Each flower has its own meaning and significance, so when choosing a bouquet, pay great attention to this circumstance.

It should be remembered that the correct choice of bouquet is very important and dictates its rules. "Brabion Flora Service" is a great expert in this field and has a rich experience.

"Brabion Flora Service" was founded in 1992 and is considered the founder of the largest floristic company in Armenia.

The company cooperates with high-quality international organizations and floristic associations.

Company is consistently working to maintain its leading position, quality and constant updating its range of services.

Proposed services:

• Delivery (in Armenia and abroad)

• Sale and delivery of bouquets and floral arrangements / pot flowers, funeral wreaths /

• Postcards

• Sweet compositions

• Balloons

• Soft toys

• Serenade

• Cakes and Drinks (Delivery)

• Original plants

• Gifts

• Packaging & Design

• Wedding bouquets

• Fireworks

You can order on any date, for any occasion, for any amount, shape and size, with natural or artificial flowers and compositions, with sweets, toys, fruits, and various accessories.

The order is executed as soon as possible, with a special approach. You can order chocolate compositions and baskets, cakes, fruits and gifts.

By using our website you can order flower delivery wherever you are in the world.

The advantage of the website is in its simplicity, and the most important purpose is precise execution of the order. We will ship your order to any place, you only need to specify correct location and delivery time.

"Brabion Flora Service" has been operating for 26 years, bringing to life unique desires of its customers. Thanks to hard work and professional staff, "Brabion Flora Service" has become one of the leading floristic organizations in Armenia. You can find unique bouquets, compositions, wedding bouquets.

The staff of "Brabion Flora Service" does its best to maintain the reputation and earned fame in high level and fill this flower-backed corner of Yerevan with colorful tones and sweet odor.

Floristics is a unique chance to touch the living environment being at home. Anyone can make bouquets, but correctly combine and shape flowers is a separate culture that requires professionalism and special love for the beauty. And that is our calling and work. We will help you fulfill your wishes.

Flowers inspire, express love, passion and delicacy. Thanks to our sweet compositions, bouquets, cakes and various gifts you can express your ultimate desires.

You don't have to be a poet but flowers will help you to express your feelings.

In reality, bouquets of "Brabion Flora Service" are much more beautiful than in pictures, because no image can convey their freshness, elegance and stunning scent.

If you want to make original and luxurious gift to your friend, partner, or dear and beloved person, you can call "Brabion Flora Service". Choosing us, your unforgettable surprise and warm feeling will be ensured.